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Aluminum Columns Installer in Toronto & GTA

Want to enhance your home’s indoor aesthetics? Why not consider adding aluminum columns in your living room area?

Aluminum columns are an excellent choice for both homeowners and businesses, thanks to their affordability, resilience, and versatility in appearance. At Aluminum Glass Railings, we possess the necessary expertise and know-how to install aluminum columns at your residential or commercial property in Toronto while keeping your budget in check. Our team is highly skilled in the safe and professional installation of aluminum columns in various shapes and sizes.

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    Why Choose Us For Aluminum Column Installations?


    Our team installs aluminum columns in both residential and commercial properties at the most affordable rates. That’s what makes us stand out from the crowd.

    Professional installation

    Aluminum Glass Railing’s team has the expertise and skills for safe and professional aluminum column installation. We ensure the installation is done correctly, minimizing safety risks and meeting the highest standards. We have many trained Aluminum Columns experts that are ready to handle your Aluminum Column installation projects efficiently and effectively. Regardless of whether you are looking for an interior or exterior aluminum column project, call us for a free estimate before you decide. 


    At Aluminum Glass Railings, we use high-quality materials and equipment to install aluminum columns, making them durable and long-lasting. Our quality columns not only ensure durability and safety but also enhance the aesthetics and the value of your property.


    Aluminum Columns Toronto offers the best warranty on all our column installations. Contact Us today to enquire more about our warranty. We also provide maintenance services if needed to ensure your investment is protected. 


    Aluminum Columns Toronto is also a manufacturer of Aluminum columns and hence we can customize columns based on your specific needs. We work very closely with our clients to ensure we create column designs that not only compliments your existing architecture, but it should also meet your functional requirements. 

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    Years of Experience

    We have years of experience installing aluminum columns of various shapes and sizes. We can also custom-match your architectural style or color scheme, making aluminum columns ideal for modern and traditional buildings. Our professional installers are here to help you with any Aluminum Columns and Aluminum Glass Railings projects, small or big. Call us for a Free Estimate today.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Our company strives to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the services provided. We are committed to delivering quality services that will exceed your expectations.

    Great Customer Services

    Aluminum Columns Toronto values our customers, and we remain committed to providing excellence in service before, during, and after our projects. We are here to help answer any questions you may have regarding our Aluminum Column installation process and address any issues or concerns you may have.

    Licensing & Certifications

    We are a licensed and certified railing contractor that you can rely on for your entire railing needs. We hold a valid license with the Home Construction Regulatory Authority, and our materials are certified following international building codes. All the products we use at Aluminum Glass Railings for installation have passed all the required checks. Besides, our installers are licensed and certified by relevant regulatory bodies.

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    Types of Aluminum Columns We Install

    At Aluminum Glass Railings, we offer installation services for a variety of aluminum columns, including:

    Round Aluminum Columns

    These are smooth, cylindrical columns that offer a sleek and modern appearance.

    Square Aluminum Columns

    These columns have sharp, defined edges that provide a more classic and traditional look.

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    Custom Aluminum Columns

    We can also install custom aluminum columns that meet the specific requirements and preferences of our clients.

    Our team of experts can help clients choose the most suitable type of aluminum column for their space and install it professionally and safely to meet their expectations.

    Fluted Aluminum Columns

    These columns feature a series of vertical grooves, providing a decorative appearance and a textured feel.

    Tapered Aluminum Columns

    These columns have a wide base and a narrow top, providing a tapered appearance that will add a touch of elegance to any space.


    Columns Installation For Support & Decorative Purposes In Toronto.

    Our company is delighted to offer our innovative, high-quality load-bearing aluminum column installation services for your porch, balcony, deck, or veranda anywhere in the greater Toronto area.

    The entrance to your home is what creates a first impression. Enhance the appearance of your porch or veranda with our innovative and complete aluminum column installation services. We can select a suitable color and style of columns to match the facade of your house. This one-time investment will give your home a professional, finished look and add value to your property.

    Aluminum Columns FAQ's

    Aluminum Columns are perfect since they are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also maintenance-free. 

    Aluminum columns not only last way longer than wooden columns, but they are also modern, light in weight, provide great strength, have more durability, and are of low maintenance. 

    Aluminum Columns Toronto has been installing columns for both indoors and outdoors including many load-bearing structures. Call us for a Free Consultation today.

    Aluminum columns have been used for load-bearing structures for more than 100 years. 

    Aluminum Columns Toronto has done many projects in Toronto and all across the GTA. We are experts in all kinds of aluminum columns, Aluminum, and Glass Railings for both interior and exterior including Decks, Balconies, Patios, Staircases, Fences, and Aluminum Columns. Call us for Free Estimates today.